"Strengthen the team-spirit or wake up the audience with the primal power of drumming!"

Strengthening the connection with oneself and others through the primal power of drumming, that is what Connective Drumming is all about. A group of people drumming together in the same rhythm and occasionally letting out primal shouts creates a sense of strength and unity. We drum on my handmade Meraki Drums. Meraki means working on something with heart and soul and putting a part of yourself into it, and that is exactly the feeling I want to convey in the workshops and energizers.
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Wake up your audience with an energizing drum session!

When your audience has to listen for a long time, they need some energy and movement. That’s where my drum energizer comes in! A few people come on stage to drum, while the rest of the audience gets active with body percussion. Fun is guaranteed, and it will ensure that your audience is more attentive and energized for the speakers or workshops that follow.

This is more than a break, it’s an experience:

• An instant energy boost that brings your audience to life.
• A smile on everyone’s face and an atmosphere of pure fun.
• An unforgettable icebreaker that creates connection.

P.S. Don’t worry, no musical experience required!

Price: On request

Ideal for: conferences | events | performances | presentations

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Workshops/ teambuilding

Drumming together is powerful and connecting, making it ideal for boosting team spirit. Create powerful beats together and unleash the primal power within yourself. We start with simple exercises and then build up to an explosive finale. The format of this workshop is flexible, from jamming to drum battles and everything in between. A boost for the team, or as we call it after this workshop: The Tribe!

* The drums can be electronic, so they can be as loud or soft as you want. There will always be some noise, after all, you are drumming.

Price: On request

Ideal for: company outings | family days | festivals | teams


meraki drums

Meraki: “Putting your heart and soul into something and leaving a piece of yourself in it.”

That’s exactly what I did when I made these drums, hence the perfect name for them. The colors and symbols reinforce the tribal feeling I want to convey during the workshops & energizers.